Darjiu fortified church

Saschiz – Homorod – Racos – Darjiu – Archita
Weekend round trip (part 3)

Cata, Katzendorf – a stork-village

From Racos volcano emerald lake we drove back to Homorod and then to Cata, in german Katzendorf, english catvillage.

The fortified church was closed and we could not find anybody who could open us. Anyhow we spent quite some time in the village watching the storks. In total we counted seven nests, all already occupied by storks and some of them already having small baby storks inside. Funny that a village called cat-village inherited such a huge number of storks 🙂

A small gravel road lead to Dârjiu, germ. Harghita , another world heritage.

Dârjiu fortified Unitarian church, dating back to the 14th century, has beautiful fresquos showing the hungarian king Sant Ladislaus I legend. In the 16th century, the Unitarian religion was an official registerd religion in Transilvania. During that time the fortress reached its final form which is now renovated and well preserved. The huge bell tower can be climbed, but the windows are closed with wire to protect it from the birds.

Entrance fee: 10 RON/adult

We continued our trip on the gravel road to Archita – another fortified church – which will be the last stop for this time.

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