Carta – ruins of the most eastern Cistercian monastery

Day trip: Cinscor – Cincu – Carta

Carta – Kerz

From the Carta monastery, which was the most eastern establishment of the Cistercians order, only the cancel, transept and a thin, high tower are still intact. From the other buildings only ruins are reminding of the former large monastery.

The monastery was build in Romanesque style in 1202, it was unprotected and destroyed. Then repaired and completed in the 14th century. It remained unprotected by any kind of defense system and was destroyed again during the Ottomans attacks in the 15th century.

After the repair end of 15th century, the order was dissolved and from the 17th century the buildings have been left over unmaintained and dis-repaired and continuously transformed to ruins.

It seems that this place wants to teach us something. The unprotected monastery recovered several times from the attacks but finally suffered from being abandoned. Today, only the chancel and transept are used as a church.

It took about 45 min back to Sibiu and we finished another interesting day trip to the center of Siebenbuergen in Transilvania.

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