Cincu – the largest church in Transilvania

Day trip: Cinscor – Cincu – Carta

Cincu – Gross-Schenk

The building of the church started in the 12 century and first mentioned in documents dated 1329. From the beginning, it was the largest church in Transivania, larger than the churches in Sibiu (Hermannstadt) or Cisnadie (Heltau). Cincu was one of the “7 Chairs”, the seven districts in “Siebenbuergen” and had great economical power.

The main ship of the church is 12,5 m high, the church is located on a strategical important position on the top of a hill. It was surrounded by two ring-walls and 7 towers. But unfortunately almost nothing is left from the defense system.

After the village was destroyed by a fire in 1523, then again by the Romanian troops in 1600 and then attacked by the Turks between 1660 and 1661 and suffered by the black plague, it was hard for the villagers to recover back.

But the village faced an recovery area during 1890 and 1947, after villagers went to America to earn money and then returned able to bring wealthyness to the region. With the communist area the development stopped completely.

We continued our tour to Carta, using a small beautiful cross country road 105 A. It leads over the pre-Carpathian hills from where you have a incredible nice view on the Fagaras mountain and the flat forelands.

On the way we stopped for a picknick – having local cheese and cringles with a spectacular view.

Cincu to Carta: 30 km, 45 min

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