Cinscor – fortified church with original ring wall and defense towers

Day trip: Cinscor – Cincu – Carta

Sibiu to Cincsor: 66 km, 1 hour

On the way from Sibiu to Cincsor we bought our favorite round cringle-bread and traditional made cheese stored in bark. It was a warm day, around 22 degree.

Cincsor – Kleinschenk

The fortified church which goes back to the second half of 13th century, is located in the center of the village. The church was open and many visitors around. It has the original ring wall with four defense towers which are under renovation. This is a difficult task as the roof tiles are handmade and not availble any more. Also the knowledge, for example how to restorate the bell-machine, is extremely rare.

From Cincsor to Cincu its only 10 km and takes around 15 min.

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