Agnita fortified church

Agnita / Agnetheln


Agnita is a city in the center of Transilvania, former time the main railway station between Sibiu and Sighisoara.

We already passed the city several times during summer, today we visited the inside of the church.

The fortified church was build in 1405. The ring wall was taken down in the 19th century but the towers are preserved well.

The beautiful double wing altar was build in 1650.  

In the northern side there is another chapel with an altar which was brought here from a nearby village. The village’s church broke down and some pieces of the altar had been already stolen.

Behind the orgel, passing a narrow door, the bell tower can be entered. In the tower there are no windows and the floors and stairs have been partly covered with snow. The clock is still running with its original, manual mechanism. Every day it needs to be pulled up once.

From the top of the tower we had a nice view over the city. The houses and fields seemed to be sleeping, covered by a white blanket.

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