Kaimondake 開聞岳, 922 m

922 m

08. Jun 2010

Kainmondake – or “small Fujisan” is one of the smallest 100 Meisan mountain. Anyhow – about 750 meters have to be climbed. The way leads through a humid forest, later over some rocks. It is really worth coming here, because this mountain offers a beautiful view about the south coast of Kyushu. And after climbing, you can visit Ibusuki and relax in a hot sand onzen (one of the most famous onzen in Japan). The hot sand is warmed up by hot spring, underground water. Really amazing and so relaxing!

開聞岳Kaimondake       08. Jun 2010

Start      二合目登山口 Nikoumetosanguchi               11:30 am             150 m
Top        開聞岳 Kaimondake       1:15 pm               922 m
Finish    二合目登山口 Nikoumetosanguchi          3:15 pm         150 m

Duration:             3 h 45 min           Distance:             8 km          Height: 772

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