Kirishimayama 霧島山, 1.700 m

1.700 m

10. Jun 2010

Kirishima Hot Spring, the famous onzen area, is a good starting point for hiking tours around Kirishimayama. One of the peaks was closed due to high volcanic activity (beginning of 2011 this volcano erupted and covered whole area with ashes).

I started the hiking tour at Ebino Highlands (1.100 m), and climbed Mt. Karakuni (1.700 m) from the west. The view on the surrounding craters which are filled with water is really unique.

Some Japanese hikers asked me to join their lunch – homemade mixed pickles and onigiri (riceballs). Totemo oishiisou sama deshita! Arigatou gosaimashita!

I walked down to lake Oonami (1239 m), which is really very beautiful, and then back down to the road, where my family picked me up. We drove to the visitor center of Takachiho-san, from where I started hiking the second mountain this day. Takachihosan is a red volcano. Legend says, that god put his stick into the ocean and lifted up Japan at this place. When you see this mountain you might think that this is true.

After climbing those two mountains this day I was really looking forward for a big steak on the grill!

霧島山Kirishimayama  10. Jun 2010

Start      えびの高原 Ebinohighlands, Mt. Karakuni trail entrance     9:15 am               1.230 m
Top        韓国岳 Karakunidake     10:30 am               1.700 m
Trail       大波池 Lake Oonami      12:00 pm               1.239 m
Finish    大波池登山口 Lake Oonami Trail Entrance               1:00 pm               1.050 m

Duration:             3 h 45 min           Distance:             6 km          Height: 470 m


高千穂峰 Mt. Takachiho              10. Jun 2010

Start      高千穂峰 河原登山口Takachiho valley entrance              1:20 pm               970 m
Top        高千穂峰 Mt. Takachiho              2:50 pm               1.574 m
Finish    高千穂峰 河原登山口Takachiho valley entrance              4:00 pm               970 m

Duration:             2 h 40 min           Distance:             5,4 km          Height: 604 m


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