Sukaisan 皇海山, 2.144 m

2.144 m

  1. Jun 2010

It was rainy season in Gunma, central Japan.

I decided to hike Sukaisan from the west-side. From the main road it took about one hour on a small mountain road with an incredible look down into the valley. An enjoyable ride for an CRV on this rocky and muddy road.

Hiking started in rain. The path follows a small valley, lots of water poured down the mountain. Until the top there was no view, because of forest and bad weather. The summit itself is surrounded by trees. I think, even if weather would be fine, we couldn’t see anything. During the hike there was a little raining, but in the forest it didn’t bother me so much.

On the way back I saw several monkeys on the road. As usual I tried to find a place to take a bath in a local onzen and then returnws to Takasaki.

皇海山Sukaisan              27. Jun. 2010

Start      皇海橋 Sugaihashi (parking place at Sugai-bridge)  11:45 am             1.430 m
Trail up 不動沢コース Fudousawa-course                          

Trail up 不度沢のゴル Fudousawa-goal 12:30 pm               1.865 m
Top        皇海山Sukaisan              1:30 pm               2.144 m
Finish    皇海橋 Sugaihashi (parking place at Sugai-bridge)  3:30 pm               1.430 m

Duration:             3 h 45 min           Distance:             5,5 km          Height: 715 m

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