Hiuchigatake 燧ケ岳, 2.356 m (Oze)

Oze: Hiuchigatake
2.356 m

  1. Jul 2010

We got up at 4:30, and after having a good breakfast we started to hike.

I felt little tired because I could not sleep well. Might be, I went to bed too early?

The weather was very nice, fresh air and a cool breeze on the mountain.

After reaching the top, I went down on the other side of the mountain, passed the lake and reached the bus station at the opposite side of the national park.

It was a long hike – a beautiful tour – which I really recommend. But now I know, that this tour is not allowed because we should not hike down from Shibutsusan to Ozegahara. Please adjust your hiking tour and if you plan to hike those mountains you can do it in the opposite direction as described here.


至仏山Shibutsusan  / 燧ケ岳Hiuchigatake         24.-25. Jul 2010

Start (24. Jul)     鳩待峠 Hatomachitouge               7:40 am         1.590 m
Trail up オヤマ沢田代 Oyamazawatashiro           8:40 am         2.030 m
Top        至仏山の Shibuzusan-peak          9:45 am               2.228 m
Trail       高天ケ原 Takamagahara             10:00 am               2.130 m
Trail       山の鼻 Yamanohana      11:40 am               1.407 m
Trail       牛首 Ushikubi    12:15 pm             1.404 m
Trail       尾瀬ヶ原中田代 Ozegahara nakatashiro               12:50 pm             1.400 m
Trail       東電小屋 Todengoya     1:15 pm               1.400 m
Finish (24. Jul)    見晴 燧小屋 Miharashi Hiuchigoya          2:50 pm               1.400 m

Duration:             7 h 10 min           Distance:             14,6 km          Height: 730 m

Start(25. Jul)      
見晴 燧小屋 Miharashi Hiuchigoya          6:20 am               1.400 m

Trail up 見晴新道 Miharashishidou (new road)   7:25 am         2.230 m
Top        燧ケ岳Hiuchigatake (柴安嵓 Shibayasugura)  8:40 am               2.356 m
Top        俎嵓 Manaitagura           9:00 am               2.346 m
Trail       燧(長英)新道 Hiuchi (tjouei) shindou                              
Trail       尾瀬沼東岸 Ozenumatougan     11:45 am               1.665 m
Trail       尾瀬沼山荘 Ozenumasansou      12:15 pm               1.670 m
Trail down           三平峠 Sanpeitouge       12:30 pm               1.760 m
Finish (25. Jul)    大清水 Ooshimizu           2:20 pm               1.180 m

Duration:             8 h          Distance:             17,9               Height: 1.100 m

Duration:             15 h 10 min        Distance:             32,5               Height: 1.830 m

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