Aizu-komagadake 会津駒ヶ岳, 2.133 m

2.133 m

  1. May 2011

Friday evening I returned to Takasaki from Germany. I woke up at 1:00 am and could not find any sleep. Jet-lack. After drinking some water and lying in my bed about one hour I thought, that I should better do some exercise. I remembered an email from a friend in Japan. He told me about his hiking tours to Fuji-san and other mountains in May. He asked me if I have already hiked Aizu-komagadake. Honestly, I was not sure if I did or not. After checking my hiking record and weather forecast I came to the conclusion that it would be great to hike this mountain today.

I packed all equipment into the car. In Tagasaki temperature was about 25°C and I could not imagine any snow on the mountain. I left my home at 4:00 a.m. and took the highway to Tochigi. There was only little traffic; I arrived at the parking area before 7:00 am.

Hiking trail leads though a nice spring-forest with fresh green leaves and white flowers. Above 1.600 meters there was snow. The mountain is easy to climb. Several other people with ski or just hiking shoes with eisen climbed the mountain this day. From west clouds appeared. Because there was lots of time, I continued hiking and climbed中門岳 Tchiyumondake (this was not climbing, it was walking down – but backwards I had to walk up again 😉 ).

After I returned to the car I drove to the next onsen. There was an outside bath with a beautiful view on spring flowers and trees.  This day I recognized that hiking can really hurt sometimes. My shoes did not fit tightly this day and I got big blisters on both heels. Fortunately, there are plasters ;-).

会津駒ヶ岳Aizu-komagadake   21. May 2011

Start      取付点 Torizukiten          7:10 am               1.100 m
Trail       駒大池 Komaooike          9.30 am               2.055 m
Top        会津駒ヶ岳Aizu-komagadake   9:45 am               2.133 m
Top        中門岳 Tchiyumondake 10:20 am               2.060 m
Finish    取付点 Torizukiten          02:45 pm               1.100 m

Duration:             7 h 35 min           Distance:             15,0 km          Height: 1.110 m

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