Hayachinesan 早池峰山, 1.917 m

1.917 m

30. Jul 2012
It was a beautiful morning; the sun was shining and the sky was clear and blue. The trail went up a river valley, it was hot, and the water from mountain spring delicious and refreshing.

Soon the trail became steep, lots of rocks to be climbed, sometimes using rope or chain. Near the trail herbs and flowers grew. Most remarkable, lots of “Edelweiss” – I have never seen so many and so fresh ones in my life.

Within the 100 meisan this is one of the steepest mountains – even if not high, this mountain requires some climbing experience. Several rocks are loose and dangerous for newbies. And it was obvious that this area is bear region.

Please take care – 気を付けてください!

早池峰山 Hayachinesan  30. Jun 2012

Start: 河原坊登山口 Kawaranobou tosanguchi, 9:35 am, 1.050 m
Trail up: 頭垢離 Koubegouri, 1.440 m
Top: 早池峰山 Hayachinesan, 12:30 pm, 1.917 m
Trail:  五合目御金蔵 Gogoumeokanekura, 1.600 m
Trail:     小田越登山口 Odagoetozanguchi, 2:30 pm, 1.240 m
Finish:   河原坊登山口 Kawaranobou tosanguchi, 3:20 pm, 1.050 m

Duration: 5 h 45 min  Distance: 7 km  Height: 860 m


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