Kurobegorodake 黒部五郎岳, 2.840 m

2.840 m
Kitaalps, four days tour to four 100 Meisan peaks
Second day:  黒部五郎岳 Kurobegorodake, 2.840 m, 16. Aug 2012

1.       薬師岳 Yakushidake, 2.926 m, 15. Aug 2012
2.       黒部五郎岳 Kurobegorodake, 2.840 m, 16. Aug 2012
3.       鷲羽岳, Washibadake, 2.924 m, 17. Aug 2012
4.       黒岳, 水晶岳, Suishodake, Kurodake, 2.986 m, 17. Aug 2012

16. Aug 2012

I woke up early in the morning because other hikers started their preparation at 4:00 am. Finally, I got up at 5:00 am. It was not raining, but the tent was wet. The mountain range toughed the clouds and sometimes the sun glimpsed through. I thought the backpack might become lighter, but it didn’t.

The trail went up and down, easy to find and to walk, weather was mixed but no rain. From Kurobegorodake I continued together with another hiker, we took the more difficult route on the south-side of the mountain. It followed the south side ridge of a huge U-vally. The valley (Kar) was formed by a glacier long time ago. Moraines are visible on both sides and the bottom of the valley. I did not know about glacier-structures in Japan jet, it was new information for me and in my experience Kurobegorodake is a good place to study glacier landscape structure.

Meanwhile weather became very nice and when we reached the mountain hut, I really wanted to join the other people sitting in the sun and having a cool beer. But I still had a bit to go because I intended to continue hiking to the next hut – about 3 hours ahead.

It cleared up and the sun was shining. After reaching campsite for next night, I could enjoy a nice evening with a good view on the surrounding mountains. For dinner I ate same as yesterday – noodles with dried fish, shrimps and octopus.

Getting used to it.

黒部五郎岳 Kurobegorodake, 2.840 m, 16. Aug 2012

Start: 薬師峠 Yakushitouge campsite, 5:50 am, 2.295m
Trail: 北の俣岳Kitanotatadake, 7:45 am, 2.662m
Top: 黒部五郎岳 Kurobegorodake 10:40 am, 2.840m
Top: 三俣蓮華岳Mitsumatarengadake 2:20 pm, 2.841m
Finish: 三俣蓮華岳山荘Mitsumatasansou 3:30 pm, 2.550m

Duration: 7h 40min   Distance:   km   Height: apprx. 900 m

… to be continued …

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