Tsurugidake 剣岳, 2.998 m

2.998 m
Two days tour in Kitaalps, north Alps Japan. Day two.

21. Oct 2012

In the morning the wind calmed down. I didn’t sleep much that night. Thought, it would be best to set off as soon as possible to get to the peak. Weather was great, clear and good view. Beautiful sunrise on the way.

Tsurugidake is a difficult mountain. Not for easy trail hiking; a lot of climbing is required. There are several passages with chains, Eisen, cramps.

During the climb the weather suddenly changed. Fog, and icy wind. The view worsened and the rocks covered with ice.

In the middle of the mountain I lost the way – went to much left and then down. Lucky I met two other climbers using the other route – and it became obvious that I was on the wrong way as we all challenged the top. Ok, back again up the icy passage using chain and then we soon reached the peak. No view at all but happy to be there.

There was no peak mark as a stone or shrine but plenty of wooden and metal signboard lying around.

Never forget – descending much more difficult as climbing! We can’t see the steps below us and more weight is on the arms while hanging in the chains and the body already tired and cold. Please don’t underestimate the return.

I had breakfast at the tent, packed my stuff and started hiking back. The weather improved and – suddenly cleared up completely.

I got two beautiful pictures ot Tsurugidake – yesterday and today – but both times I approached it, the weather turned suddenly bad. It seemed that somehow this mountain wanted to challenge me.

Hiking back to to Murodou was easy. On the way I passed the hot spring area, then took the bus, chain-train, ropeway, ate Kurobe-curry 😊 for lunch at the Kurobe-dam restaurant and finally reached the parking area. What a tour!!

21. Oct. 2012
Two days tour Kitaalps, day two.

剣山荘 Kensansou, 6:00 am, 2.475m
前剱 Maezurugi, 8:00 am, 2.813m
剣岳Tsurugidake, 8:30 am 2.999m
室堂 Murodou, 1:40 pm, 2.420m
Duration: 7h 40min    Distance: 8,5km  height: 750m

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