Goryudake 五竜岳, 2.814 m

2.814 m

21. Sep 2013

My dog died just few days before, on Sep. 16th 2013 – after sharing, watching and safeguarding my life for more than 16 years. After a long fulfilled life – still dog-people and especially those who know about Hachiko, know how this feels. 

I reached the parking spot in the morning, took the ropeway and started the hike. The weather was beautiful, and the autumn colors showed up in all colors. A beautiful day!

The trail to 五竜山荘 Goryusansou, 2.490m was not difficult. I dropped my backpack at the hut and continued to the peak with light weight, camera and water.

Looking back to the hut, from about 2.600 m, I was grateful for the beautiful weather and the day. I continued walking up, the way became steeper. On the way I helped out with pflasters for another hiker who had blister at the feet – maybe a to long tour for the new hiking boots. We just finished taping the blisters when we heard a strange sound.

Koar kuri. —-Koar-kuriiiii.

What was that? Koar-kuriii.

Was that a bird? Up here???

A man coming down from the peak with a bright smile looked at us. The smile was all over his face, he was shining from happiness. Then we heard the sound again – and the question marks must have been visible on our faces.

He turned towards us and carefully lifted a cotton blanked he was holding. Below the blanket he carried a portable cage – with a parrot. His pet and friend. He told me, that he liked to go to mountain together with his parrot and apparently the parrot liked the cool fresh air, too. A happy companion!

When I reached the top, after climbing some big rocks, I still thought about that man. The happiness was over all his face shining to the world. Climbing mountain with his best friend and treasure.

I reached the peak, then went back to the hut where I left my luggage. All campsites have been occupied – no free space left  –  and I decided to continue the hike towards north.

The passage includes a few meters climbing using chains, the trail is marked well and with patience can be mastered smoothly.

I reached 唐松岳頂上山荘 テン場 Karamatsudake Campground near another huge hut just before sunset. The mountain hut was booked out and the campground completely occupied, too. Even the hiking trails had been used by hikers to build up their tents.

I had no other choice than set up the tent in a grass covered rock-filed. To create a plain area, I move rocks and then put my backpack, hiking sticks and all stuff I didn’t need inside the tent, below and between the rocks. Somehow it became plus minus flat enough to sleep. Or at least lay down with closed eyes 😉

Early in the morning all hikers got up and hiked the close peak  唐松岳 Karamatsudake, 2.696m, and watched the sunrise. The sky was covered with thick clouds above us, spectacular scenery even if the sun was not visible during sunrise.

I went back to the tent, and after having breakfast, I descended to Hakuba ski area. From the upper lift station, I took the seat carrier down and then grabbed a taxi, which brought me back to my car.

22. Sep. 2013
とおみ Toomi Ropeway, 8:30
アルプス平 Alpsudaira, 9:00, 1.535m
小遠見山 Kotoomiyama, 10:15am, 2.007m
五竜山荘 Goryusansou, 12:45pm, 2.490m
五竜岳 Goryudake, 1:45pm, 2.814m
五竜山荘 Goryusansou, 2:30 pm, 2.490m
五竜山荘 Goryusansou, 12:45pm, 2.490m
唐松岳頂上山荘 テン場 Karamatsudake Campground, 4:40pm, 2.590m

22. Sep. 2013
唐松岳頂上山荘 テン場 Karamatsudake Campground, 5:40am, 2.590m
唐松岳 Karamatsudake, 6:10am, 2.696m
白馬リフォーム Hakuba-lift, upper station, 9:20am, 1.890m

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