Arashimadake 荒島岳, 1.523 m

1.523 m

26. Oct 2013

It was the end of autumn, and it became more and more obvious that the hiking season was already finished. My car was the only car at the parking place.

It was an easy hike, the trail always wide and easy to find. It was foggy and partly some raindrops fell. The top covered with grass, it was cloudy and no view. After praying at the shrine, I went back. The next and last mountain of the 100 Meisan Japan supposed to be a bit difficult and challenging.

Before driving to the next destination – Haku-san – I took a hot bath in an nearby onsen. Bought dinner at Convenient store and drove to Bezutoudeai parking area from where the trail up to Haku-san started.

Start: 中山登山口 Nakandetouzanguchi, 12:05 pm , 350m
Top: 荒島岳 Arashimadake, 2:20 pm , 1.523m
Finish: 中山登山口 Nakandetouzanguchi, 4:10 pm , 350m
Duration: 4h 5m, height: 1.250m

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