Cetatea din Câlnic

Cetatea din Câlnic
The fortress of Câlnic
Gräfenburg von Kelling
World heritage

The village Câlnic is 55 km, approximately 45 min drive, from Sibiu. Can be reached easily and it takes just a couple of minutes from the highway.

The fortress is in the center of the village and already visible on the way down the hills before entering the village.

The first buildings of the fortress have been built between 1270-1300 including a massive stone tower, 9x14m. The buildings have been surrounded by a 4m high wall, including wooden gallery on the inside.

Entering through a huge, long gate – below the watchtower. The towers are open and can be accessed by steep old wooden stairs. On the top of the watchtower you can see two huge bells and will have a nice view over the Cetatea.

The main tower has three floors with a small exhibition, huge wine barrels are located in the cellar.

All buildings have been restored during 1961-1964.

Entry was 10 Lei / person and 10 Lei for the right to take pictures.

It was a beautiful morning, we sat in the garden enjoying the fresh spring air and a coffee within the beautiful scenery.

From Calnic we drove to Capalna – aiming to visit another historical site, a Dacian fortress.

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