Hosman fortified church

The Hosman fortified church with the Carpathian mountains behind – that ‘s one of my favorite scenery in Transilvania.

Hosman village is located in the hilly area beneath the Carpathian mountain and on a clear day you can enjoy the view on the fortified church with the snow covered Carpathians behind.

The church had two ring walls, most of them still there. The entrance tower has a impressive gate. Above and next to the church door several colorful sculptures are placed. Besides the apostel Peter and Paul there is one figure carrying a flower which is symbolic of life and soul, but two devils are trying to pull that man down. Also below, next to the stairs, there are several devils sculptures.

Passing the church gate is the first step towards heaven.

The church suffered from humidity and wet walls caused by debris which covered the outside walls until beginning of 20th century. After various fighting and disaster, the material of broken buildings and structures remained outside and was removed in 1905, but already the ground water raised inside the building.

Remarkable are the old neighborhood boxes which have been used to store the documents, registration papers and record of yearly activities.

In the first week of August 2019 the village will celebrate its 700 year aniversary.

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