Recipe for love

Recipe for love


1 Cup of Romance
1 Pinch of Humor
2 Spoonfuls of Joy
1 lb of Compatibility
3 Tablespoon of Trust
1 Cup of Respect
1/2 lb of Sharing
1 Zest of Tenderness
and 3/4 Cup of Patience ….

seen in Jakarta, author unknown
please feel free to vary the amount based on your individual taste and needs

Suishodake, Kurodake 黒岳, 水晶岳, 2.986 m

Suishodake, Kurodake
黒岳, 水晶岳
2.986 m
Kitaalps, four days tour to four 100 Meisan peaks
Day 3: 黒岳, 水晶岳, Suishodake, Kurodake, 2.986 m, 17. Aug 2012; Day 4: return 18. Aug. 2012. Continue reading “Suishodake, Kurodake 黒岳, 水晶岳, 2.986 m”